Rohin Shah

Education Pursuing a PhD in Computer Science, UC Berkeley.

  • Received a Berkeley Fellowship and NSF Fellowship.
  • Developing practical algorithms for inverse reinforcement learning that take into account systematic human cognitive biases.
May 2019
B. Sc. with honors in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, Physics Minor, UC Berkeley. GPA: 4.00 in major, 3.98 overall. May 2014
Work Experience Software Engineering Intern, Google.

  • Developed an algorithm to find moving WiFi access points to improve Android location accuracy.
  • Created deep learning models to further improve detection of such access points, achieving less than 1% error.
Summer 2017
Software Engineering Intern, Google.

  • Added functionality to the performance measurement system of ChromeOS.
  • Added support to read, write, and analyze several new events in binary files created by the perf tool.
  • Improved memory usage of the system by 20x.
Summer 2013
Undergraduate Researcher, ParLab, UC Berkeley.

  • Worked on a project with one graduate student and one undergraduate.
  • Published our paper, “Chlorophyll: synthesis-aided compiler for low-power spatial architectures” in PLDI ’14.
Android Camp, Google. Developed BlazingContacts, an app used to share contact information quickly between large groups. June 2011
Teaching Lecturer, CS 61A (Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs). Summer 2014
Graduate Student Instructor, CS 188 (Artificial Intelligence). Spring 2015
Course Designer, CS 61AS (Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs).

  • Created course material (website, discussion notes, quizzes, exams) and administrative policies.
  • Created an autograder framework and used it to build autograders for several assignments.
  • Wrote software to calculate final course grades, replacing a highly error prone 20-year-old script.
  • Teaching and training new course staff.
2011 – 2014
Undergraduate Student Instructor for various classes: CS 161 (Computer Security), CS 170 (Algorithms), CS 61AS (Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs), CS 61B (Data Structures). 2012 – 2014
Reader (Grader), CS 61B (Data Structures). Fall 2011
Awards Tong Leong Lim Pre-Doctoral Prize Spring 2016
EECS Distinguished Graduate Student Instructor Award Spring 2016
One of five finalists for the University Medal, UC Berkeley’s award for the top graduating senior. Spring 2014
Department Citation Spring 2014
Warren Y. Dere Design Award Spring 2014
Technical Skills Languages: Python, Racket, Java, Scheme, C++, C, Javascript
Operating Systems: Ubuntu, Windows, Mac